Yoonla Evolve Phase 2 Update

So I’ve setup my Yoonla Evolve Phase 2 Digital Lifestyle system and i’m about to start sending solo ads to it.

I just wanted to point out a few things I like so far about Yoonla Evolve.

What you see above is largely the extent of the Yoonla Evolve member/training area. You won’t find yourself having to go to dozens of different pages to accomplish what’s necessary to set yourself up properly. It’s all right here on one page.

I like the one page training page so much I use it for my own funnels as well. My New Age Upline funnel mirrors almost exactly what Yoonla Evolve does.

So far the Yoonla Evolve admin has opened a limited amount of the features available to us as they establish their new affiliate program setup. To me this is totally acceptable as I’m a little OCD about watching the training videos to ensure I have everything setup properly. So with just a certain amount available to digest, I feel confident I have everything up and running according to the admin master plan….lol.

Another great feature about Yoonla Evolve is the slick affiliate panel.

My Yoonla Evolve account is literally like a day old so there are no sales as of yet. But I want yo uto take notice of one thing I’m not sure I’ve ever found anywhere else in my online career. The admin at Yoonla Evolve promised to start sending traffic to my site and low and behold, they did!

My first order of business is to start sending traffic to my Yoonla Evolve site and I’m doing that in the form of solo ads.

So I like solo ads, but the only part I really don’t like is hunting down providers. One place I’ve found that’s worked quite well for me is 10DollarAds. They have a set it and forget it solo ad platform that allows me to place my ad once and let’s me decide how often and to how many people I can reach (weekly or monthly). 10DollarAds also allows me to choose three categories ( I use Internet Marketing, Work From Home an MLM) so i can better hone in on my target niche.

Yoonla Evolve Commissions

The following Countries pay $4 Per Lead:

The Following Countries Pay $2 Per Lead:

Elite commissions from sales will pay 60%.


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