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tools i use and recommend

These are a list of the tools I most commonly use for all my technical mapping and writing, database organization, project management tasks, graphic design, training and marketing tasks.

My Tool Box


Project Management

I’ve used a few different Project Management software but generally find myself always going back to Zoho Projects for the fact that it easily allows me to plan, track, and collaborate.

Database Software

Database coordination is viewed by many as a task best left to the IT guys but I find it’s tameable with TeamDesk, Knack or TablePlus.


When raster imagery just won’t do, Illustrator allows me the greatest detail with its vector based design.


Wordpress is where I house my websites. The layout and design features are familiar and worth it.

Elegant Themes

More specifically the Divi theme within Elegant Themes is my go to choice for every website I create.

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Personally I would be lost without Photoshop. I’ve been using it for well over 20 years and stick by it to this day.


I use Tableau, a data analyst software that allows me to discern large amounts of information in easy to visualize maps.

iPhone 8 Plus

I record all my video and take all my photos with my iPhone 8 Plus and transfer them as needed to the applications I’m using.


All my screen recordings are done with Camtasia. I also use Camtasia to produce my videos and then upload where necessary.

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If you need automation, you need Aweber.

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I ramp up the mapping intensity with this robust mapping tool that allows me to create more intricate, geogrpahical type maps.

Autocad Civil 3D

I use Autocad Civil 3D for all my engineering and technical mapping needs. Dynamic conections are what makes this software really sing.

Adobe InDesign

I use Adobe InDesign for all my magazine-style graphic layouts. When typical, dull simple report layouts don’t make the grade, a templated magazine-style layout really gets your client’s attention.

Microsoft Power Point

Can’t leave this gem out of the game (even though I find myself leaning more towards cloud based presentation software). Power Point gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Acrobat is so much more these days and PDF’s are still the norm so Acrobat DC is my choice for creating easy to transfer and share files.

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