Network Marketing – Simplicity and Dedication

Simplicity and dedication will trump fancy and smarts any day of the week when it comes to network marketing.

Staying dedicated to an opportunity in the beginning is the hardest part. Don’t overthink it by making it more complicated than it really needs to be.

Share your opportunity with your warm market, for better or for worst and then think about other ways to promote.

I’m a firm believer in ‘simple is better’ combined with dedication and consistency.

On average, 98% of those that join a network marketing opportunity will fail. What are the 2% doing that everyone else isn’t?

They’re keeping it simple and creating a presence online. There’s certain measures you need to take to get yourself noticed and none of them are impossible.

Network Marketing – Core Items

I’ve found that there are a core set of items you need to know, implement and repeat to get noticed and become the expert in your field and they are as follows:

  • Establish your own personal website
  • Establish a Youtube Channel
  • Learn WordPress (Find a good theme provider like Elegant Themes)
  • Perfect a Theme in WordPress (Like Divi)
  • Learn how to optimize both your blog posts and videos
  • Learn and implement Aweber
  • Learn how to manipulate graphics
  • Post regularly
  • Create a Facebook Page and/or Group
  • Learn how to harvest information from authority sites and implement them onto your Facebook pages
  • ….and that’s the short list

There are no magic bullets in this game so your best bet is stick to a core group of items (like the list above) and implement, practice and repeat them for an extended period of time.



If you read the list above and felt intimidated, you’re not alone. Online success takes work, real work to succeed. Not work like pick axe and shovel in a ditch work, but sit down and take your time and do it right work.

Let’s say you start implementing the list above and after a few months you’re still not getting results. Keep going! A few months means nothing if you’re going to do this for the rest of your life! Very few get hired in a job and in two months gets a life changing promotion.

Take a realistic approach as you establish who you are online. Don’t present to be anyone different than who you really are. People join people, not network marketing opportunities.

Becoming a leader online means learning new things, sharing what you’ve learned and helping others do the same exact thing you’re doing.

None of this is impossible but ALL of it takes time. The list above can actually take you a couple of years to actually bear fruit. But you have to trust me on this next point:

If you last those couple of years and keep doing what the list above says, you’ll pass nearly all of your competition.

There’s a good reason 98% of people fail in network marketing, it’s because they just won’t believe they have to put the work in and will continually look for that magic bullet year after year. While they keep looking for that magic bullet, you can keep working on the list above, keep building your following and find success where the others only find dead ends.

Author - Matt Janowski
Matt Janowski is from upstate NY and is the creator of Share The Wine, Share The Wealth marketing system. Matt specializes in SEO, Wordpess website design, Camtasia video production and creating multiple income streams marketing systems for online entrepreneurs.