Yoonla Phase 1 and Phase 2

Yoonla Phase 1 and Phase 2

Ease of Setup


Required Products




Customer Service





  • Clear Instructions
  • Somewhat Easy Setup
  • Quality Products Involved
  • Great Customer Service
  • Great Training


  • Setup may be a little challenging for newbies
  • Newbies might not like having to join affiliate programs
  • Traffic source may be a little suspect

Must Add Income Stream – Yoonla Phase 2 Review

Yoonla is something you have to digest and think about for a minute or two.

Yoonla Phase 1, a Digital Lifestyle, started in 2016 as just another, more or less, plug and play system created to help you make some money online.

The same as any other system out there right? Uh…no.

Yoonla Reaches 1.2 Million Members

Yoonla humbly started with a few hundred members in 2016 and grew to a staggering 1.2 million members by the end of 2017.

Make sure you let that sink in a little. 1.2 million members. I had to ask myself, could 1.2 million people be wrong?

So I joined. Mind you I’ve been around internet marketing for well over 15 years and can start seeing the holes in a system after only reading their opt-in page. And quite honestly, I looked at Yoonla as just another system ready to pick my pockets and run.

So as usual my radar was up and I was ready for the red flags to start popping up. The only problem was, if indeed you can consider this a problem, no red flags were popping up at all.

I’ve been around affiliate marketing programs long enough to know that affilaite commisions were more than likely going to be the driving force behind this system and I was right. There is no charge to be a member of Yoonla but you will be asked (or more or less required) to join some affiliate programs along the way which you will use yourself to build your business.

Yoonla is a Digital Lifestyle You Can Love

Again, nothing ground-breaking or offensive about that. The only difference was the way the whole system is constructed, presented and taught.

It’s a very straightforward, step by step set of well organized videos that guide you through the setup process to the point of successfully setting up your own digital business.

And truthfully, it is just that, your own digital business. 

You end up with professinal landing (opt-in) pages, professional website sales pages, follow-up email system (with professionally pre-written emails) and traffic sources to give your system life.

There are literally thousands of quick-hit, get rich quick programs out there that we can all pretty much see through and eliminate from our portfolios.There are dozens of what could be considered ‘decent’ money making systems out there. It’s a little harder to tell the good ones from the bad unless you expereince them yourself and make your own judgement calls about them.

Then there’s literally only a handful of really good products and/or systems out there that  you will want to be associated with.

Here’s the catch. Of the handful, there’s only two or three that organize, present and train with a system that literally can work for everyone.

When seasoned network marketing veterans join a program and promote it, you can bet there’s something about it.

It’s not easy to put together a failsafe system that actually works. That’s why there’s so few.

Yoonla Puts It All Together

Yoonla is one of those systems. If you literally follow every step to the end and use their advice on how to get traffic to your systm, you will have the best chance possible to earn some money.

Yooonla is so good, I’ve either switched or added service providers to my portfolio in order to use the system.

Here’s the best part. Yoonla Phase 2 is about to launch and you’re going to want to get in right now.

Remember what I said earlier about Yoonla Phase 1. They started with hundreds of membrs and ended up with 1.2 million members.

Yoonla Phase 2 is going to be epic and you’re going to want to get in at the ground floor.

I’m giving my review below for Yoonla Phase in preparation for Yoonla Phase 2.

Matt Janowski is the creator of New Age Upline, the new way to build your MLM team. If you're already in an opportunity, this is by far the easiest system to use to build your team. If you're not in an MLM opportunity, this is your chance to join and build your team all at the same time.