Introducing the New Age Upline marketing system built for MLM’ers by MLM’ers.

My main goal in all my marketing is to teach, inform and make it easier for MLM’ers to promote and succeed in their MLM opportunity.

The New Age Upline marketing system ditches the old school methods of marketing and adopts a brand new method of promoting your MLM opportunity.

Let me ask you this. If you had to multiply 43,438 X 43,932,895 and were offered a calculator to solve the problem, would you refuse the calculator and instead perform the task longhand?

Of course not!

Marketing this day and age is  no different. Why would use your upline’s old, outdated marketing methods when there’e an obvious, better solution?

New Age Upline is the better way!

You need only take two simple steps to at the very least take a look at the system. It’s not complicated, it doesn’t have a ton of moving pieces or a ton of bells and whistles. All the shiny objects are in other marketing systems.

This system revolves around a core mission: To create a movement.

I use the picture below for many reasons:

  • It implies time freedom
  • It implies a sense of warmth
  • It shows joy and happiness
  • It portrays what many of us want, peace and tranquility


I would say 99% of people that have made it to this point of reading my blog have at least a little belief in who I am and what I’m creating.

Creating movements are not exactly easy but thy are achievable.

It takes two simple steps for you to take to keep this movement alive.


  • Simply start your 14 day Free trial with Click Funnels (the driving force behind my marketing system)


  • Download the marketing funnel I share with you.

After you start your 14 Free Trial you simply hit the ‘Get Your Funel Here’ button above and you’ll be able to get a sense of what this movement is all about.

The link for the final product is here:

I’m not into upsells and all the other shady sales tactics others are feeding you.

I’m into one simple thing: Starting a movement and watching it grow and watching everyone succeed.

Put your blinders on for a few months and take action with my system and watch your success grow.

This system works whether you’re currently in a MLM opportunity or not.

Follow the steps in the system, exactly as their outlined for a few months and the results will come.

If you’re not interested at this time, come back after you’ve tried other systems out there and give us a try.

We’re not going anywhere and we’ll welcome you now or later!

Matt Janowski is the creator of New Age Upline, the new way to build your MLM team. If you're already in an opportunity, this is by far the easiest system to use to build your team. If you're not in an MLM opportunity, this is your chance to join and build your team all at the same time.