MLM Business Owners

Take note of a couple words in the title “Business Owners”.

You’re in your opportunity to build a business. MLM Opportunities are getting more recognition recently and more and more people are taking notice of them. Not to mention it’s the beginning of a new year and people are looking to make changes.

I created New Age Upline to help those of you currently in an opportunity to grow your team and for those looking to start making some money by getting into an MLM opportunity.


Throughout everything I create for New Age Upline you’ll see the words “starting a movement” and that’s exactly what this is.

Every person that joins our team is part of the movement. One person helps another by joining.  What I really want is for everyone to forget about everything else you’ve seen and heard about other systems and focus on this one.

One of the biggest problems you face these days is being inundated with too much information about how to make money or succeed online.

Your focus should be on one thing: Getting quality traffic to your system. The end.

Get into a system, like New Age Upline, and start getting traffic to it. We show you how and it’s easy.

You’ll never see any bells and whistles here, no upsells, nothing but one thing, getting traffic to your system and helping others get in on the movement.

Click Funnels is the driving force behind this movement. Before Click Funnels there simply was no way to do what we’re doing today.

I made the system (the marketing funnel) in Click Funnels and now ALL OF US get to benefit from it!

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • You signup for a 14 Fee Trial of Click Funnels
  • You get your shared funnel
  • You edit the links in your funnel to make them yours
  • You buy traffic to go to your site via Solo Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Add your MLM opportunity if you’re in one or join one if you’re not
  • Share your funnel with others via the traffic you purchased

That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Having said that, if you want to brand yourself, add some blog post, etc. to build the New Age Upline brand, that’s great, but it’s simply not necessary to do.

If you follow the bullets above, you’ll succeed.

I’ve done the work for you already. All you’re doing is buying traffic to get to your funnel.

We know the people to buy the solo ads from and we know the companies to use also.

You can do this and it all starts with takin action today.

Take a look at the system HERE and get started.

Matt Janowski is the creator of New Age Upline, the new way to build your MLM team. If you're already in an opportunity, this is by far the easiest system to use to build your team. If you're not in an MLM opportunity, this is your chance to join and build your team all at the same time.