My Drive To Create A Better Marketing System

Creating a ‘better’ Marketing System isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t a perfect process that I go through to do it.

I know the core components I want in a marketing system, but putting it all together in a coherent fashion that everryone can understand and follow is a whole different story.

I can tell you this, I’ve had this type of marketing system on my mind for a long, long time and the time had finally come to take action on it.

One of the features I like about my marketing system is the fact that each system I create for each person is unique to that person. No two system are alike.

There is a certain amount automatic duplication with each system but that’s where it ends. Each PDF I create is unique to that person’s system. Each page is uniquely fashioned to reflect each person’s personality. That’s why I encourge talking to everyone that wants to use my system. I need to hear from each person:

  • What their expectations are
  • What level of knowledge do they have about online marketing
  • Do they have a personal website
  • Are they willing to create blog posts
  • Are they familiar with email autoresponders
  • ….and a whole lot more

So you see, duplicated sites that come a dime a dozen really don’t fit the mold for what I’ve created here.

I actually work for my team members (who I actually consider to be clients).

Core Parts – The Creative Process

You might think the creative process for my system began witha brainstorming session and a few hours later the marketing system was born. It’s actually anything but that.

The creative process actually started years and years ago when I learned about affiliate marketing. It fascinated me that a person could sell someone else’s product and earn a commission from it.

It was from that point forward that started learning about website design, copywriting, graphic manipulation, etc.

So after years of trial and error and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t, it seems there’s always a few parts that remain consistent:

  • Landing pages or websites or sales pages
  • Email forms
  • Email autoresponders
  • Marketing funnels

Core Parts – Branding

Over the years the one main thing I always thought was missing from other peoples’ systems was a unique, personal branding touch. That’s what I added. Via brandable PDF’s, personalized web pages an a completely unique to the individual marketing dashboard, etc. I believe I created a powerful, personal marekting system that will help everyone.

It’s my belief that no one marketing system is perfect and mine is no exception.

The aspect I’ve added that almost every other marketing system has left out is the eprsonal attention I give every member.

Over the past 20 years or so I’ve entered numerous opportunities only to find I never heard from anyone or the people I did hear from did nothing more than cheerlead me into believing if I harass everyone I know, as much as humanly possible, I’ll succeed. No thanks!

Take a look at my branding page whereby you have the opportunity to brand your own version of our PDF:
I even go so far as to create custom PDF’s and custom branding pages for my team members such that THEY can have their own branding page for THEIR teams.

Does all of this take more effort and time? Yes. But, to me it makes all the difference in the world.

Instead of sending my team members out into the abyss to fend for themselves, I help keep them on track. The best marketing system mean nothing if team members have no one to turn to answer their questions.

Core Parts – Website Design

Website Design? Believe it or not, yes.

Each member’s site is a website, not an automated, un-editable static system.

This means something. Whereby other systems make everyone look exactly the same, my system helps people stand out from the crowd.

Anyone can promote an opportunity by sending a prospect to a corporate website for the opportunity.

It takes a truly unique system to brand a person from start to finish. That’s what makes my system unique and extraordinary.


The most important part of any of this is communication. Without me knowing how much you know, and more importantly how much you care, it’s almost impossible for me to design a marketing system for you.

I care about your success BUT I can’t care more than you do.

Once I put your system in place, it’s up to you put it in motion and keep it going.

My system is a sytem you can be proud to introduce to your prospects and team members and one that will proudly separate you from the crowd.

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Author - Matt Janowski
Matt Janowski is from upstate NY and is the creator of Share The Wine, Share The Wealth marketing system. Matt specializes in SEO, Wordpess website design, Camtasia video production and creating multiple income streams marketing systems for online entrepreneurs.