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“How Any ClickFunnels Affiliate Can Instantly Generate a Personal Brand Cheat Sheet Without Spending Hours in Canva, Even if You Don’t Have Any Tech Skills and Suck at Graphic Design!’

Brand Your Giveaway


Everyone needs special ‘Bonuses’ to give away as lead magnets, etc. I’d like to think I offer a pretty cool one.

In a nutshell, I create PDF’s in different style layouts (magazines, brochures, etc.) and allow people to brand these PDF’s with their own links with the click of a button.

So instead of handing out or giving away a static PDF as a lead magnet or whatever, you can present a PDF filled with your links.

More than that, you can send your own prospects or team members to these articles and allow them to brand their own marketing material. It makes you look good and they get a great product to give away on their own sites.

Help them build their team=Grow your own team.




All you need to do is enter a username, email address and your Click Funnels Affiliate ID below and you’ll receive a link via email so you can download your cheat sheet with all YOUR links in it!
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